Top 5 Most Famous Shipwrecks on the Great Lakes

Our summary of the Top 5 most Famous Shipwrecks in Great Lakes history. We hope you enjoy!
Edmund Fitzgerald

530' underwater

In Whitefish Bay (240+ wrecks there)

Lost all 29 crew members

35' waves/80+ MPH winds

Carl D. Bradley

370' underwater

33/35 crew members lost

4 crew members made it on the only life boat that was not damaged, only 2 survived

A German ship watch the Bradley sink and concluded it exploded while sinking

15 crew members remain missing

Henry B. Smith

535' underwater

25 crew members, no survivors

Sank in 1913

Wreckage discovered in 2013 near Marquette, MI

SS Cyprus

460' underwater

1 survivor of 23 man crew

Sank on only her 2nd voyage

Found in 2007 about 10 miles from where the wreck was thought to be

8 miles north of Deer Park, MI

Lake Superior

SS Algoma

Ran aground during a storm on Lake Superior near Isle Royale, MI

14 survivors, 46 people died

She broke in half and the bow floated off into the lake

Sank in 1885 during a blinding snowstorm

Bonus: SS Eastland Disaster

844 passengers and crew killed

Rolled over while tied up to the dock on the Chicago River in 1915

Greatest loss of life event in Great Lakes ship history

Writer Jack Woodford witnessed the disaster "I watched in disoriented stupefaction a steamer large as an ocean liner slowly turned over on its side as though it were a whale going to take a nap... I thought I had gone crazy."

George Halas was supposed to be a passenger. The NFL may have never existed if he didn’t show up late that day.

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